Taboola gets $117M in funding to build a Google Now for content

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Taboola clinches deal to build content providing platform
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If you’re familiar with the name Taboola, you probably associate it with those “from the web” or “recommended for you” modules that show up on dozens of different sites, from The Atlantic to the Weather Channel — the ones that link to posts with titles like “10 Hot Celebrities With Ugly Spouses.” But Taboola wants to be much more than just a click-farm, and it announced Tuesday that it has closed a $117-million financing round it hopes will help it become a recommendation engine for all kinds of content.

In contrast to some of Taboola’s rather low-rent content recommendations, the funding round was led by the well-respected Wall Street research firm Fidelity Management, and included private venture funds such as Steadfast Capital, as well as Comcast Ventures, Advance Publications (the parent company of magazine group Conde Nast), Groupe Arnault — controlling shareholder of luxury-brand holding company LVMH — and Yahoo…

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