Google Glass Is Being Trialled At European Airport

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

I wish they would still sell them
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One of Europe’s busiest airports, Amsterdam’s Schiphol hub in the Netherlands, is trialling Google Glass for use by airport authority officers as a hands-free way to look up gate and airplane information.

It’s also testing Google’s face computer on travelers passing through the terminal in a bid to better understand the ‘customer journey’, thanks to Glass’ first person perspective.

It’s more proof, if proof were needed, that Google Glass is another Segway — i.e. a technology not destined for the mass market, but for niche industrial and service industry applications. (Related: the Royal Military Constabulary at Schiphol sometimes gets around on Segways.)

Google has pulled back on ‘Glass for the masses’ — at least for now. It shuttered its Glass Explorer program last month. Although far from killing off Glass, it has handed the project to Nest’s Tony Fadell to oversee. Glass lives, as a standalone division within Google that’s yet to prove its worth — but…

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