Meet The 9-Year-Old Who Rang The Opening Bell For Twitter’s IPO

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Almost a year and a half ago already ahead of half halted asshole appointed economy! $TWTR #twitter


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Before Twitter stock started trading this morning, journalists assumed that we’d see the company’s founders and/or executives ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. And indeed, there were excited whispers as we spotted folks like Dick Costolo and Biz Stone on the floor.

But the figures who actually took the stage weren’t immediately recognizable. Finally, someone asked, “Is … is that Patrick Stewart?”

Yes, it was the captain of the Enterprise-D, along with Cheryl Fiandaca of the Boston Police Department and Vivienne Harr, the 9-year-old girl behind the anti-child slavery initiative Make A Stand. Twitter, apparently, was using the opportunity to highlight some of its high-profile users.

After the bell rang, and as we waited for the opening price and first trades, I interviewed Harr and Fiandaca about their experience ringing the bell and with Twitter.

“Today, we rang…

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